Green Cauldron Coffee

Australian grown beans, eh? You think I’m full of crap, don’t you? Or, they are. No. Not at all.

My boy, he makes me good coffee.

According to their website, Green Cauldron source beans from around the world, but the beans I was given to try are grown in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Of the two roasts I tried, their original batch was first released in 2008 and their ‘Marvel St’ style is part of a new release.

I’m not going to muck about – you wanna know how Australian coffee beans taste?

Can I say “Bloody bewdiful!” without you cringing? No? Yeah, I shuddered as well. Truth be told, drawing such parallels does them a disservice. They are as complex and sophisticated as anything you’d get in South America. The taste is only ever so slightly bitter, with a hint of smokiness. The smokiness was a pleasant surprise.

As I am a big believer in ‘Think Global, Act Local’ and feel guilty as I mentally calculate the food miles of my morning roast, I am pleased to say that Green Cauldron Australian Beans may end up replacing other brands of coffee I’ve bought in the past that boast more exotic origins. I don’t need beans that have been collected from the rear end of an Orang-utan in the deepest jungles of Borneo, when Green Cauldron offers me a superior product and no pretention.

Well, apart from the wanker drinking it.

This foodie from the Inner West was given two samples of Green Cauldron coffee for the purpose of reviewing them

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7 Responses to Green Cauldron Coffee

  1. hazchem says:

    you outta check out coffees from Mountain Top Estate and the Coffee Prince as well. Both offer high quality Australian grown beans, MTE in particular is well respected in the specialty coffee world.

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  3. Geordie says:

    Neat, but what beans are they? Arabica? Robusta? A mix?

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