Sakae Japanese Kitchen, Marrickville

The rush home from work to day care to home of an evening is quite often a dreadful one. The Little Miss and I rarely get home in time to have her fed, bathed, story read and in bed at a reasonable hour if that involves cooking as well.

This is why the Little Miss and I will grab sushi from a little place right near her day care on our way home. Horror of horrors, one night this week it was shut. I hate to disappoint her, as she loves ‘getting soo-shi!’. Thankfully, Sakae Japanese Kitchen has recently opened just up the road from us in Marrickville.

While my Little Miss may enjoy the outing, the regular ingredients in sushi are things she is not necessarily a fan of. They didn’t have it on the menu, but, thank christ, they were able to make her favourite, a Cooked Tuna Thin Roll ($5) especially for her.

Of which, she ate the filling and left the seaweed skin behind. Luckily for her, it didn’t ‘have any stuff in it’, like spring onion. She prefers plain old tuna with sweet Japanese mayonnaise, which is exactly what she got.

Being a little more adventurous than a 3 year old, I decided to try the Unatama Don ($12.80), which, according to the menu, is ‘Specially cooked eel with onion and egg on top of rice’.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Very comforting on a cold winter’s night. Rather sweet, but a dash of soy (kindly sloshed into one of the bowls by my darling daughter) fixed that. Eel can be rather strong, so if you’re after something mild, go for the chicken.

As I was distracted by my Little Miss trying to pour soy sauce into everything, I hadn’t read the menu properly and was pleasantly surprised to find my meal came with a bowl of miso soup.

The best part of my meal was the drink. I was intrigued by the Ramune, described as ‘Japanese Sprite’ on the menu. Turns out it’s an old style glass drink bottle with a marble you pop out instead of a lid. FUCK YEAH!

To top it all off, the staff are amazingly friendly and efficient. Sakae Japanese Kitchen are a welcome addition to Marrickville and make for an awesome quick stop off on the way home. 5 stars, Margaret.

EDIT: I’ve been back since and order this little beauty – Salmon Teriyaki ($18). It was called by another name, but I can’t remember now. It came with cabbage salad and mashed potato, of all things. I remarked to my dining companion that I managed to order the most Irish thing on the menu.

To put it simply, it was divine. I can definitely recommend it.

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  2. Madam Wu says:

    You had me drink with a marble in it! I gotta get me some of that.

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