Celini’s, Marrickville

Saturday impromptu breakfasts are the best breakfasts since ever. I like that you can walk down Marrickville Rd and you have a fairly varied selection of places to eat (provided you can get a table) and not all of the coffee served is poison (but, sadly, most is).

We had no plan, so, when we saw Celini’s was not only fairly quiet, but the best seats in the house were available, we decided to give it a go.

We ordered coffees to start. I decided to take a risk with the soy flat white, which turned out to be a latte. Rightio.

It wasn’t poison.

My dining companion decided to go with the Double Turkish Coffee. It looked good, and tasted fine to me, but ‘wasn’t the best’ my dining companion ever had. That’s fair, I guess.

I really like the way the beverages are brought out in Turkish-style trays by the waitstaff. It really adds to the atmosphere.

We were both intrigued by the idea of the ‘Traditional Turkish Breakfast’ dishes on the menu, so decided to get one each. They were having a special on the Traditional Anatolian Breakfast ($11), of which the waitress told me was simply a smaller size than the menu version, so I decided to give it a go.

Wow. The picture does not do the flavour justice. The eggs are scrambled with feta and cooked to perfection. The presentation of the tomato and cucumber salad is a bit daggy, but who gives a shit? The flavour is tremendous. It is perfectly set off with toasted Turkish bread and olives.

My dining companion went with the Traditional Menemen ($16.50), simply because it included chilli.

Again, wow. The presentation really doesn’t get you as excited as you should be about this dish. The eggs are scrambled with capsicum, tomato and chilli and served with cucumber, feta, olives and toasted Turkish bread. I must admit, as good as my breakfast was, I was a little jealous. I’m ordering that next time, for sure.

For the Little Miss, I ordered some toasted banana bread ($5.90) but only asked for one slice, as I knew she wasn’t going to eat all of it. I’m not sure if they discounted it or not. Don’t think so.

Although it doesn’t say it on the menu, the banana bread looked house made to me. It certainly doesn’t look like the mass-produced version you see in most cafes, anyway. It was lovely, as well. They should really be tooting their own horn here. House made banana bread in a cafe is a rarity. Of course, I could be wrong. This idiot forgot to ask.

You’ll be relieved to know the Little Miss approved. As predicted, she only ate half. Two slices would have been too much. They would have been too much for an adult, I think.

If your offspring is a little more adventurous than mine, they have a Kid’s Breakfast, which is a fried egg on toast with bacon and sausage, for $9. They also only have freshly squeezed juices, which is a major win in my books.

Oh yeah, the toilet is a bit of a hike – out the back, up the stairs and around the corner. It’s a pain in the arse if your little one decides she needs to go TWICE.

Regardless, it’s a minor irritation and I can’t wait to go back again and try one of the other traditional Turkish breakfasts. I think with the next test of their skill, I should throw them in the deep end – fixing my hangover.

Celini’s Licensed Cafe & Restaurant
220 Marrickville Rd
Marrickville 2204
Ph: 9569 4848
Email: celinis.mrckvle@bigpond.com

Opening hours (at time of writing this scintillating post):
Mon to Sun 8am – 4pm
Mon to Sun 8am – 4pm
Tue to Sat 5pm – 10pm

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3 Responses to Celini’s, Marrickville

  1. Hi Inner West Foodie – hope you don’t mind me contacting you in this way- I am organising three local food festivals in Ashfield, Haberfield and Summer Hill and wanted to alert you to them. Could I email you the details? My email is anniec@ashfield.nsw.gov.au and my number is 0403 820 609

    Thank you! Annie Coulthard

  2. Nicole says:

    I havent eaten breakfast here but did eat dinner. My husband and I were not impressed. The food was OK, not wonderful. I had read somewhere the coffee was great, it wasnt. We both were not impressed with the bill of over $70- we didnt eat that much. We certainly wont go back again. We’ll stick to our favourite vietnamese, thai and now nepalese dinners!

    • Chasy says:

      Yeah, I must admit, dinner was a little so-so when we went. They have an exciting range of foods, but not particularly well executed. Breakfasts are definitely their thing.

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