The Wolf and Honeybee, Newtown/Enmore/Marrickville/St Peters/God knows

This is one of those new hipster cafes that keep popping up. In fact, to use hipster parlance, it’s quite like a pop-up cafe – no formal kitchen, just a toaster oven, a few fridges and a coffee machine, surrounded by mismatched or reclaimed furniture and playing cruisy tunes in the background. Even the name is hipsterish.

The owner, however, is not a hipster fuckwit, but someone who is serious about their coffee and providing a good customer experience in somewhat limited surroundings. I think I have figured out which one of the baristas is the owner. Of course, I haven’t bloody asked. That would have made sense.

A quick Google search has revealed they are connected to The Bunker in Darlinghurst, which is where I used to get my coffee while at my old job. Weird.

My test of any place that serves coffee is to see how well they do a soy flat white.

Soy Flat White, $4.50

They do Campos blends, which is was what attracted me in the first place. In the first few weeks of visiting, there was too much soy flavour (hey, it’s not Bonsoy, so it’s bound to be a bad thing) and not enough coffee. Now, either the machine or the baristas have hit their stride and I get a full-bodied and flavourful coffee every time. 10 out of fucking 10.

With such a limited space in which to prepare food, don’t expect to go in there and get a full meal. They have coffee, juice, sandwiches, and cakes, and that’s about it. However, like any good chef says, as long as you have good ingredients to start off with, you can create something great.

Over the past month or so, the Little Miss and I have been in quite a few times. I find it much easier to get her breakfast on the way to day care, rather than feeding her at home and waiting for the infinite number of pauses while she watches a really captivating part of Lazytown to finish her toast. We always end up late as a result. Spending a few dollars on breakfast out means we not only get quality time together, but we’re not rushed.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve consumed:

Toast with spreads, $4.50

My child is obsessed with Vegemite. She will eat the leftovers out of the little ramekin. She is mental. However, she won’t eat just any old toast. I am familiar with Brasserie Bread well enough to know that’s where all their bread, cakes and pastries are from. Well chosen supplier, I must say. My 3 year old approves.

Avocado and Lemon on Quinoa and Soya Toast, $8.50

This sounds rather boring on the menu and seems a little overpriced as a result. When it arrives at your table, however, all is forgiven. You’re given wedges of lemon to squeeze over your avocado at your discretion and a little jar of olive oil. There is sea salt and pepper mills already on the table. If this is not perfection in simple breakfast form, I don’t know what is.

One morning when I ordered this meal, they ran out the back to find me a better avocado, because the one they opened was overripe. Most places in Sydney would just serve it to you and expect you to be grateful. I was very impressed by their dedication to high quality service.

Ham and Cheese Croissant, $7

Ah, simple, but bloody brilliant. They use Ormiston Free Range Ham, which is damn tasty, I must say. No idea what the cheese is, but it’s perfect. All on a Brasserie Bread croissant. Fantastic.

Hmmm. It appears I’ve lost the photo of the Tomato and Goat’s Cheese on Toast, $8.50, because my iDevice is a cunt. Anyway, it was good. The goat’s cheese was nothing to write home about, but the tomato was lovely and ripe. Good stuff.

Coconut Tea Cake, $4

I’m pretty sure these come from Brasserie Bread as well. Yes, I am a terrible parent who lets her 3 year old have cake for breakfast. Piss off.

There’s not just fantastic, simple, food, there are the little touches as well – like the way in which the Little Miss’ warm milk is presented to her each time. She never grows tired of it.

Warm milk, $1

This cafe is a fantastic place to bring kids. They even handled it well when the Little Miss spewed. To her credit, she got most of it back on the plate.

For the adults, they also do cold drip coffee. I haven’t had the time to sit down and sample some, yet. I’m too busy trying to get the Little Miss to eat her breakfast.

All in all, it’s a fantastic spot to grab a coffee and a sandwich and I am SO VERY GLAD they have opened.

The Wolf and Honeybee
Cnr Alice St and Edgeware Rd
Newtown/Enmore/Marrickville/St Peters/I don’t know, do you?

Open 7 days, as far as I know.

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8 Responses to The Wolf and Honeybee, Newtown/Enmore/Marrickville/St Peters/God knows

  1. “The owner, however, is not a hipster fuckwit…”

    Well, that’s a relief. I’ve been curious about this place, thanks for writing it up. I’d say it’s in Enmore, but then again, who knows. Imma check it out pronto.

  2. Nancy says:

    Soooooo glad you didn’t post a spew picture!!~ 😛 I scrolled down with trepidation.

    • Chasy says:

      Ahahaha! No time to take a photo, I was too busy carrying her into the toilet in anticipation of another one. Thankfully, that was it for the day.

  3. Chasy says:

    WordPress won’t let me reply to Lau’s last comment? The fuck? You suck, WordPress! *shakes fist*

    Ah, I was only going to giggle at you, anyway.

  4. Madam Wu says:

    Just discovered your blog and I love it! Honest fucking reviews, hilarity and good photos. Keep it up! I’m kinda off trying this place though given the limited food options, although I will try one of their soy lattes. Thanks!

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