Chicken Veggie Sliders and Zucchini Chips

This was a recipe thought up by my 11 year old, especially for her to make her cooking debut. Her brief was ‘simple and relatively healthy’ and she came up with the goods. The best part was she did all the cooking – I just guided the process. It’s a very easy one to do with kids and I highly recommend doing so.

Preheat your oven to 220C


Makes 10 sliders

500g chicken mince

5 zucchinis

1 carrot

2 eggs

1 tbs mustard (mild, not hot or sweet)


1-2 cups of panko breadcrumbs

1/4 cup potato starch (substitute plain flour if you have none)

10 slider sized buns

To serve

Swiss cheese

Sliced tomato





1. Finely grate the carrot and one zucchini. Save the rest of the zucchini for the chips.

2. Combine the chicken mince, carrot, zucchini, 1 egg, mustard, and salt in a medium bowl. Mix thoroughly with your hands and enjoy the squiiiissshhh squeeeeellccchh

3. Check the consistency of the mince mixture by making a burger shaped patty. It will likely be too wet and sticky, so add half a cup of panko breadcrumbs and mix well.

4. Check the consistency again. If still too wet and sticky to make a proper patty, add a bit more breadcrumbs.

5. Put the mince mixture in the fridge for now. And go wash your hands! It’s time to slice the zucchini.

6. Cut the zucchini into whatever shape you fancy – batons, slices, you decide. The only rule is that they shouldn’t be too thin or they will burn. The thicker the better. Now you have ‘chips’.

7. Put the zucchini chips in a bowl and coat in flour (whichever type you are using). Shake the bowl around it get an even coat.

8. Break the remaining egg into a cup and beat. Mix through the zucchini chips.

9. Add a cup of panko breadcrumbs to the zucchini chips and mix thoroughly. Make sure you get right down to the bottom of the bowl, or you will end up with clumps of breadcrumbs at the bottom and none on your chips.

10. Hopefully you remember to put the oven on. Place the zucchini chips on an oven tray, covered in baking paper. If you don’t have baking paper, they can go straight on the tray, but they might stick a bit. It just means more washing up later.

11. Bake the zucchini chips for about 10-15 minutes, checking frequently after 10 minutes that they haven’t burnt. Put them aside and keep the oven warm. You’ll want to reheat them later.

12. It’s time to make the sliders! Shape the mince mixture into 10 small patties, slightly larger than the buns. You might end up with a small amount of mince mixture leftover – it’s up to you if you make more slider patties or use it for something else (I rolled them into meatballs, fried them, and saved them for another kids meal on a timepoor day).

13. Heat rice bran oil (or another grain oil) in a large fry pan, on medium heat.

14. Cook the patties in batches. I found doing five at a time was good use of the pan. Cook until brown on both sides. Add cheese to the cooked tops of the patties after flipping them, if melted cheese is your thing.

15. Turn the oven back up to high and reheat the zucchini chips.

16. Serve on sliced slider buns, with tomato, rocket (or lettuce bleh bleh bleh *spits*) and as many condiments as humanly possible, with zucchini chips on the side.

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