I like to eat food. I like to cook food. My affection for them does not necessarily mean I am any good at either one, though.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t live without writing about it in some form, so here it is.

4 Responses to About

  1. s says:

    Your blog is awesome.
    Are you going to keep going with it?!! hope so…
    ANyway — i was hoping you could recommend a good (unpretentious) restaurant in the inner west that is just all about good food. i dont care about the setting and the fuss. Just the food. ANd im willing to pay for it…
    WHere would you go???

    • Chasy says:

      It depends on what you want! For relaxed American diner food, I’d go to Hub House Diner in Dulwich Hill. For more upmarket American dude food and cocktails, I’d go to Hartsyard. For ModOz with an AMAZING beer selection, I’d go to Bloodwood in Newtown. For anything Vietnamese, PhD in Marrickville. For a good pub meal, The Union on south King St. For the best pub burger, The Rose of Erskineville. For pizza, anywhere on Ramsay St in Haberfield. These are my go-to places! You may find others you’re more interested in. 🙂

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