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Chicken Veggie Sliders and Zucchini Chips

This was a recipe thought up by my 11 year old, especially for her to make her cooking debut. Her brief was ‘simple and relatively healthy’ and she came up with the goods. The best part was she did all … Continue reading

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Braised Lentils and Chorizo

It’s winter already – Sydney cares not for your calendars, apparently. Winter demands comforting braises from stodgy ingredients. One cold night recently, all I wanted to eat was lentils and chorizo. So, I just chucked them all in a pot … Continue reading

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Cookbook Challenge: Pad Thai

Blame this: As soon as I stopped laughing, I could almost taste the sourness of the tamarind and umami of the fish sauce (which, of course, he doesn’t use, but you get my drift). I have an addiction – not … Continue reading

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Wild Pine Mushroom Papparadelle

This is so simple, it’s not really a recipe, but a guide to ‘What the fuck do I do with wild pine mushrooms?’ If you’re lucky, like Marrickville is, there will be a Mushroom Lady/Guy at your local markets on … Continue reading

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Part review, part recipe: Saray Turkish Pizza and Open Beef Kofta at home

I have what I like to call ‘Cider Tuesday’. I have a regular appointment in Newtown that finishes at 6, so I walk straight up the street and into the Townie. They have cider on tap, happy hour from 6 … Continue reading

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